Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding smart trash can, fully automatic packaging, only 299 yuan (USD $43)

Although the epidemic has been brought under control, the impact of the epidemic is far more than affecting the economy and life. To some extent, it has affected our consciousness and philosophy. Since then, non-contact operation has become a rigid demand for many people. Especially for personal items, it is hoped that there will be no contact at all. However, items used for isolation such as tissues and masks will be touched again after being thrown into the trash can. On August 17th, Xiaomi Youpin’s crowdfunding garbage collected the Tuoniu T3 smart trash can without contact throughout the entire process, and the crowdfunding price was only 299 yuan (USD $43) .

This smart trash can has ASAR 3.0 automatic packaging and replacement technology, combined with induction openings and overload packaging, to achieve automatic processing and non-contact in the entire scene from garbage disposal, bin entry to bag replacement. The non-break-point garbage bag used can automatically adjust the length of the packing bag according to the volume of the garbage. Even if the garbage exceeds the mouth of the bin, there is no need to manually intervene. The machine will use the overload packing mode to extend the packing bag to accommodate overloaded garbage. At the same time, as an updated model, it also supports waterproof, and the use scene has also been expanded.

ASAR 3.0 , a new generation of automatic packaging technology

As a third-generation product, this smart trash can adopts the new ASAR 3.0 packaging and bag changing system. The chip size is reduced by 40%, but the speed is increased by 100%, the operating efficiency is increased by 120%, the bag changing is faster, and the energy consumption is lower. ; At the same time, it is equipped with a new high-efficiency spiral wind system, upgraded air duct noise reduction, slow damping, noise reduction shell, sound insulation conduction four major noise reduction systems, to achieve 4-fold degressive noise reduction, and there is almost no obvious noise during the packaging process. During the design and finalization period, the smart trash can can pass more than 30,000 times of opening durability tests, 1,000 times of packing and 1,000 times of load. The new technology has been verified and the quality is fully guaranteed.

1.7° inclined surface, overloaded packaging, intelligent and humane

This smart trash can strives to more rationalize the use of space, adopts a 1.7° exquisite inclined surface design, so that the center of gravity of the product becomes more stable, and it can also make full use of the narrow and reasonable space. In addition to the development of new functions, as an iterative product, the existing functions are also optimized. This smart trash can uses a 2000mAh high-energy lithium battery. The standby time is increased to 60 days. With a more user-friendly 35cm sensing distance, the anti-mistouch function that can be opened continuously even if blocked, improves the experience in subtle ways. The well-received overload packaging of the previous generation products is also inherited. With the non-break-point garbage bag, even if the garbage exceeds the mouth of the barrel, it can be automatically packed without touching it.

The whole body is waterproof, and the application scenarios are more extensive

The smart trash can adopts the whole machine IPX3, which can resist splashing water; the core components are provided with a protective coating to strictly guard the core components from water; the internal diversion design, the hidden drainage hole at the bottom can drain the internal water, even in the bathroom It can operate freely even in humid environments. In the test phase, the trash can also passed 500 500ml leakage tests to ensure that the machine can still be used safely after splashing water, and the quality is still stable.

The crowdfunded Tuoniu smart trash can T3, as an iteration of the previous successful product, retains the highly acclaimed automatic packaging technology, and brings the waterproof capability and texture of the machine to a whole new level. This smart trash can has a white appearance with a 1.7° exquisite inclined surface. It follows the consistent minimalist design style of Xiaomi Youpin, and is updated again, hoping to better meet the user’s non-contact garbage disposal needs throughout the process.