Xiaomi's "cheapest" 100 million pixel new phone enters the network or Redmi Note10 Pro

iMobile mobile phone home, news on September 18 Today, the digital blogger @数码闲聊站 exposed the network access information of Xiaomi’s product model “M2007J17C”, calling its code name “Gauguin” and saying that this will be the cheapest one from Xiaomi Million pixel new machine.

Source @数码闲聊站

Since it is called the cheapest 100 million pixels, the price should be lower than the starting price of 2799 yuan (USD $400) when Xiaomi CC9 Pro was released. From the description and positioning point of view, the new phone is more likely to be a new product of the Redmi brand. The “M2007J22C” that has been exposed before is generally considered to be Redmi Note10, so the new product just exposed may be a product with higher specifications in the series, such as Redmi Note10 Pro.

As for the hardware, the new machine is reported to be equipped with Samsung’s newly announced 108-megapixel sensor HM2, which is part of Samsung’s recently launched ultra-small image sensor product line. The same series also include the 6400W pixel GW3, 4800W pixel GM5 and JD1 with 3200W pixels.

The size of the HM2 single-pixel photosensitive element has been further reduced to 0.7μm, and the sensor size has been reduced to 1/1.52 inches. At the same time, this also reduces the height of the camera module by up to 10%, and the problem of camera protrusion will be relieved to a certain extent.

In terms of features, Samsung HM1 is equipped with ISOCELL 2.0 technology, which can further reduce light loss and interference between pixels. It supports Super PD fast focus and 9-pixel-in-one technology, and adds Smart-ISO support, which can automatically adjust ISO according to the light environment. Value, adapt to more shooting scenes.