Xiaomi's detailed reply is not "GMS installation is not supported after Xiaomi phones"

Home of iMobile, February 5 News Recently, some netizens discovered that some Xiaomi models could not install the Google service framework after updating the MIUI system. MIUI community members also confirmed that the Google service framework was not pre-installed. Type, will no longer support self-installing GMS service.

However, it may be that the brief description was not clear enough, which caused some users to misunderstand it, believing that “the installation of GMS is not supported after Xiaomi”. The installed software has a user partition, which can be read and written, and there will be security risks. Therefore, Google requires all manufacturers to turn off the entrance of self-installation. However, if the configuration of the domestic version of the product meets the needs, it may be upgraded to pre-installed GMS in later versions, including the K30U that everyone cares about.

For the complete response, you can directly check the relevant response of Zhang Guoquan, Director of Xiaomi System Software Department: