Xiaomi’s new flagship of “super large cup” on the agenda Lei Jun: haven’t held a press conference for a long time, miss me?

Thinking of yesterday’s Starbucks “super bowl” and Lei Jun’s new microblog in the early morning, we can be sure that Xiaomi’s super flagship has been put on the agenda and is just around the corner.

Lei Jun wrote & quot; suddenly found that I had not held a press conference for a long time since Xiaomi 10 was released in February. Do you miss me? [cool] [cool] & quo;

In the comments, a large number of netizens, up, topped the list of hot reviews.

Generally speaking, the Xiaomi mobile phones that Lei Jun personally revealed are usually flagship positioning or strategic positioning. As July is coming to an end, it is predicted that the “super large cup” will appear in August. Previously, it was said that Xiaomi’s mobile phones would be launched in mid and late August.

According to the rumor, “super large cup” may be a mix series or an upgrade of Xiaomi 10, such as Xiaomi 10 Pro exploration, Xiaomi 10 PRO + and Xiaomi 10 Pro exclusive.

In fact, with the release of snapdragon 865 plus, the hardware upgrade window for Xiaomi has appeared. Meanwhile, the screen refresh rate of 120Hz, fast charging of 100W, and improved 100 million pixel CMOS (Samsung isocell hm2?) Etc.

It is reported that the snapdragon 865 + has broken the frequency of the mobile phone SOC to 3.1ghz, which is the first time in the history of mobile phone chips to break through the 3GHz barrier. The performance of the snapdragon 865 + is 10% higher than that of the ordinary snapdragon 865. At the same time, the graphics rendering performance is improved by 10%.