Xiaomi's new patent exposure: new folding method, or low cost

On March 18, according to the information released by TigerMobiles, Xiaomi has applied for a patent to the China Trademark Office CNIPA for a clamshell foldable mobile phone of this type. The back folds inside), unlike the outward fold of most folding phones. In addition, this phone is suitable for folding after being folded, and can fit into the smaller pockets of clothes or backpacks, which is very convenient for users to carry.

From the patent picture, we can see that the front camera of this model is a dual-drilling camera, which can be directly turned into a rear camera after folding, and it can be perfectly controlled whether it is a selfie or other photos.

And because this phone is only equipped with a camera module and is incompletely folded (only one battery is required), the cost of both the camera and the battery will be greatly reduced, and the performance will completely exceed two on the market. A battery can only sustain a folding phone.

2019 is the year when folding phones are popular, and many brands have launched their own folding smartphones. Although the market is relatively saturated, experts estimate that this type of folding smartphone will have great competitiveness if it is launched in the market. However, it is unknown whether this folding patent will be launched. If you want to know more, you can follow this site.