Xiaomi's sales on the first day of Double 11 exceeded 4 billion! Both mobile phones and TVs are top sellers

Xiaomi Double 11 has a good start! According to the official battle report of Xiaomi, as of 24:00 on November 1, the sales amount of all channels of Xiaomi in China exceeded 4 billion, and it has won the top sales of multiple categories, which can be described as the first battle!

Among them, Xiaomi's mobile phone category takes the first place in sales of Android phones on the three platforms of JD.com, Tmall and Suning.com; Xiaomi's TV category has won the first place in sales/sales of JD.com, Tmall, and Suning. Double No. 1 in sales; 20 items of JD.com, Tmall, and Suning.com were the first place in the Xiaomi display category; 105 items of JD.com, Tmall, and Suning.

Xiaomi Double 11 First Day Battle Report

The statistical time of this report is from 0:00-23:59 on November 1st, and the data comes from platforms such as Tmall Business Staff, JD Business Intelligence and Speed Ranking, Suning Wukong Ranking, and Xiaomi Data Center. Based on comprehensive data and "gold content", Xiaomi's double 11 momentum this year is really a bit fierce. Cui Baoqiu, vice president of Xiaomi Group, also said: "Far beyond expectations, the firepower is too fierce."

Mobile China noticed that in the cumulative sales of single products on the first day of Double 11 on JD.com, Xiaomi mobile phones accounted for the top ten, including Redmi 8A, Xiaomi 10, Redmi K30 Pro, Redmi 10X, Redmi K30s Extreme Edition, Redmi Mi K30, Redmi Note8 and Redmi 9. Among them, the Redmi K30s Extreme Edition sold more than 10,000 units in 5 seconds.