Xiaomi's self-developed air charging technology official announces a truly free and unrestricted wireless charging experience

iMobile home, news on January 29 Yesterday, Xiaomi has announced that today it will release a new technology with “epoch-making” significance, and today this new technology does not disappoint everyone-Xiaomi’s first self-developed air charging.

According to Xiaomi’s official description, air charging can be “without plug-in cables, no docking stations, and long-distance wireless charging.” After consulting with Xiaomi’s staff, Mobile Home learned that a transmitter can cover an ordinary living room area (with a radius of several meters). ), supports playing while rushing and charging multiple devices at the same time. It can be charged normally even if there is a foreign object in the pocket (the maximum penetrability range is not disclosed), the charging power is up to 5W each, although it seems that there is no wired fast charging High, but considering its characteristics of charging at any time, it should be more attractive to users than the current high-power wireless fast charging.

Xiaomi also stated that the space-to-air charging technology is a self-developed system and has 17-image technology patents. Each charging post has 5 phase interference antennas built in, which can position the mobile phone in millimeter-level space, and a phase control array composed of 144 antennas. Millimeter waves will be directionally transmitted to mobile phones through beamforming.