Xiaoniao Audio's new generation of AIR series headphones are on the shelves, supporting smart tuning

On December 16, Libratone Xiaoniao Audio officially released a new generation of AIR series of true wireless headphones, including two products of noise reduction AIR+ and fashionable AIR. On December 31, Xiaoniao Audio officially stated that these two headphones have been officially launched on e-commerce platforms. In terms of price, the noise reduction AIR+ is 1598 yuan (USD $228) , and the fashionable AIR is 1198 yuan (USD $171) . At present, it can be reduced by another 100 yuan (USD $14) .

The new generation of bird sound noise reduction AIR+ true wireless noise reduction headphones has attracted much attention as the flagship product. The earphone charging box adopts a unique upright and open design, which takes into account the compactness and beautiful appearance, while ensuring that the earphone body is free to pick and place. The earphones are available in warm white and blue and black colors, and are made of anodized metal technology, which is more textured.

In addition, the noise reduction AIR+ has a built-in independent top-level all-digital active noise reduction chip, using a hybrid dual active noise reduction architecture, and the noise reduction depth is up to 30dB. In addition, the noise reduction AIR+ is also equipped with Bird’s unique intelligent adjustment technology CityMix Smart, which can intelligently adjust the noise reduction curve according to the size of the environmental noise, the user’s movement state, and the level of wind noise, bringing a more precise and comfortable noise cancellation experience.

The brand new AIR series is currently available on JD Mall, Tmall Mall and Mini Program Mall. Those interested in getting started can pay attention to it.