Xiaopeng G3 adds new vehicle system to P7

The small electric detective was informed from Xiaopeng Automobile that Xiaopeng G3 will add three new models, namely 460, 460i and 520i, which are expected to be officially launched in early April 2020. It is reported that the range of the 460 series is 460 km; the range of the 520 series is 520 km. The official did not announce the price of the new car, but said that the battery life of pure electric vehicles will increase by 100 km, and its value will increase by about 20,000 yuan (USD $2857) , so we speculate that the price of Xiaopeng G3 460 may be about 168,800 yuan (USD $24114) .


The 460i and 520i models have also upgraded the intelligent networking hardware. The new models will be equipped with Xiaopeng Automobile's new intelligent networking hardware and intelligent ecosystem, and replaced with a more intelligent central control screen and car-grade Qualcomm 820A chip. It has increased its computing capacity by 700%, fluency by 30%, and storage capacity by 33%. It also has a richer application market, a new P, and a camera-capable roof camera. The Peng G3 can implement most of the in-vehicle infotainment functions of the Xiaopeng P7.

According to the official, the value of the new intelligent networking hardware and system is about 10,000 yuan (USD $1429) , so the price of the 460i model is estimated at about 178,800 yuan (USD $25543) . The price of the 520i is estimated at around 188,800 yuan (USD $26971) . The above prices are calculated based on the official information and the original model price. They are for reference only. The specific prices are subject to the official information.