Xiaopeng Motors NGP Automated Navigation Assisted Driving "On Shelf" 25-day mileage exceeds one million kilometers

It is reported that as of 20:00 on February 20th, the mileage of Xiaopeng Automobile’s NGP automatic navigation assisted driving (open beta version) exceeded one million, with a total of 1,023,884 kilometers.

NGP automatic navigation assisted driving (public beta) is a star-rated product of XPILOT 3.0 autonomous driving assist system of Xiaopeng Automobile. Relying on NGP, the vehicle can realize automatic navigation assisted driving from point A to point B based on the navigation route set by the user. The current Xiaopeng P7 can realize high-speed NGP, that is, the NGP function can be used on most highways and some urban expressways covered by advanced driving assistance maps. Compared with the same type of functions, Xiaopeng NGP is based on the world’s only second full-stack self-developed by Xiaopeng Motors. It has the strongest autopilot architecture in mass production, the strongest autopilot hardware, high-precision positioning capabilities, With the industry’s only 360° dual perception fusion capability, redundant dual computing platforms and other industry-leading performance blessings, it has achieved higher scene coverage, lower manual takeover rate and higher lane changing efficiency.