Xiaopeng NIO collectively attacked Tesla: China's autonomous driving will make you unable to find the East

On November 21st, Xiaopeng Motors founder He Xiaopeng suspiciously replied to Musk: “Xpeng’s next-generation autopilot architecture including lidar released by Xiaopeng on November 20 has upset someone in the west. The rumors have long since It proves that you can’t beat any competitors. Starting next year, you must be mentally prepared to be beaten by us for autonomous driving in China. As for the world, we will meet.”


In March 2019, Tesla initiated a civil lawsuit against Cao Guangzhi, a former employee, visual scientist, and current Xiaopeng Automobile employee, on the grounds that the source code of Autopilot technology was stolen.

Later, Xiaopeng Motors issued a response stating that before and after Cao Guang was implanted in his post, Xiaopeng Motors did not discover any possible violations claimed by Tesla. A few relevant media reports and Tesla’s descriptions and speculations related to Xiaopeng Motors in this case do not conform to the facts. Unprovoked accusations will not suppress innovation. Xiaopeng Motors will continue to introduce high-tech talents in multiple fields and actively face the wave of global smart car competition.

Prior to this, in an interview, Li Bin, the founder of NIO, another new car-making force in China, had also attacked Tesla.

Li Bin said that Tesla is a very good company, but NIO also has its own advantages. After Tesla is made domestically, the sales of NIO are also increasing. Every time Tesla cuts prices, it has not had much impact on NIO. Up. The average selling price of NIO is probably higher than Tesla’s 100,000 yuan (USD $14286) . From today’s point of view, NIO is not as everyone thinks, as soon as Tesla comes in, NIO is immediately “finished”. NIO is closer to users and more aware of user needs. NIO responds faster and iterates faster. In the Internet industry, these things will have more and more advantages over time.

Li Bin said that NIO has spent five years following Tesla’s ten-year journey. From a sales perspective, compared to Tesla five years ago, NIO will one day surpass Tesla.