Xisheng Armor hanging neck headset experience evaluation: CVC 6.0 noise reduction

Nowadays, when many people equip their mobile phones with earphones, they usually tend to various types of Bluetooth earphones. Among them, the hanging neck earphones are relatively suitable for more use environments, and they are more convenient to store, and they also have a very rich choice. For example, the Western Armor that I am using recently is a very good choice. It performs well in terms of sound quality and operation.

As a domestic headphone brand, Xisheng XISEM has been very active in the market in the past two years. It has launched several easy-to-use and inexpensive true wireless headphones, which have been welcomed by many consumers. This time, the newly launched Xisheng Armor is a hanging neck headset that focuses on sports running experience. It is relatively conventional in design, but it is really satisfying to use.

Xisheng Armor appears to be more regular in packaging design. The simple packaging box is relatively more environmentally friendly. The front briefly introduces some of the specifications and characteristics of this headset, and the back is attached with a white drawing of the headset. From this black and white packaging , It does give people a sense of simplicity, and this headset is indeed a relatively versatile design.

The accessories provided by this headset are relatively complete. In addition to the headset itself, there is also a data cable and three sets of additional ear caps, as well as a manual. Of course, the Xisheng Armor headset is in an out-of-the-box state. The design is simple and retro.

The body of Xisheng Armor is a relatively conventional hanging neck structure. The body weighs only 25 grams, which is relatively light and stable. There is no need to worry about falling under running environments. In addition, the buttons of the headset are also concentrated on the left side. , Including volume keys and multi-function keys, it is more convenient to operate at ordinary times. In addition, the collar part is also made of memory-friendly material, making it more natural for daily use.

As for the earphone part of Xisheng Armor, it adopts a more stable oblique ear design, and has magnetic characteristics, which is easy to store when not in use. In addition, this earphone is equipped with aviation-grade soft ear caps, which is more comfortable to match. The combination part of the earphone and the collar is also designed to be retractable and unwinding, which is convenient for storage during use.

Compared with other hundred-yuan headsets, Xisheng Armor is more solid in configuration. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 chips and a connection distance of 15 meters, which ensures the stability of the signal connection and reduces the delay problem in the game. , Improved audio performance during gaming.

The core performance of the headset is of course the sound quality. Xisheng Armor also has many optimizations in this regard. The more prominent is the use of a 12mm custom full-range dynamic coil unit, which can provide more stable performance compared with the 6mm dynamic coil unit common in similar headphones. The sound quality performance helps to improve the audio reproduction, while improving the bass and treble playback effects. At the same time, it can also enhance the presence of the headset during playback in terms of three-dimensionality. You can get more comfortable when listening to music and playing games. Immersive experience.

In daily use, different use environments also have different requirements for headphones, and Xisheng Armor also has more in-place optimizations, such as IP55 waterproof and dustproof capabilities, which can be used more freely outdoors, without worrying about sweat or rain on the headphones In addition, this headset also supports CVC 6.0 noise reduction technology, which can appropriately increase the volume of human voice, reduce environmental noise, and improve call quality when calling outdoors.

As a Bluetooth headset, battery life is also a point that many people are more concerned about in daily use. The battery capacity of Xisheng Armor is 135mAh. In order to improve the battery life, low-power micro-motion technology is adopted, and daily use can get 6 hours of music playback. At the same time, the standby time is up to 240 hours. For most friends who listen to music for two or three hours a day, you can ensure the frequency of charging once every two or three days.

In short, for friends who like to listen to music and exercise, it is more convenient to use hanging neck headphones outdoors, and Xisheng Armor itself, as a hundred yuan headphones, performs better than products of the same price in many aspects, and wear It is more comfortable to use, and it is a headset worth considering.