Yijia completes the research and development of 120Hz screen and strives to create an excellent screen experience

[techweb] on January 13, 2020, Yijia held a screen technology communication meeting in Shenzhen. At the meeting, product manager and product manager shared their understanding of a good screen and deeply interpreted the technology behind the screen. Relying on the exclusive adjustment algorithm smooth chain, a new 120Hz screen will achieve the ultimate in fluency, accuracy and comfort. After leading the trend of high frame screen display in 2019, Yijia will continue to provide users with a better 120Hz screen experience.

Fluency: full link optimization to achieve the highest MEMC insertion effect in the industry

Lightness and fluency have always been the insistence of Yijia to create products. This time, the OLED screen with 120Hz is used to refresh 120 pictures per second. The operation time of each frame is as low as 8.3mS. The higher 120 Hz refresh rate screen will bring better basic experience. On top of the basic experience, through the full link optimization from touch layer to display layer, the 120Hz high frame screen can give full play to the potential energy better, the picture is stable and smooth, and at the same time, it can bring faster click response speed and touch response speed.

Even with a 120Hz screen, most videos on the market only have 24 or 30 frames at present, and the limitation of content itself will affect the user experience. On the one hand, starting from the user pain point use scenario, the core technology of high-end TV, MEMC, is now on the mobile phone with more strict volume limit. Through the independent chip of MEMC, the video can be inserted to the maximum of 120 frames, fully matching the 120Hz screen display, making the motion picture more coherent and smooth. MEMC is motion compensation technology. Its principle is to supplement the middle frame image by pixel level motion vector calculation, and promote the original low frame content to high frame content. The 120 frame insertion effect achieved by adding MEMC is the highest one that can be achieved on mobile phones at present.

Accuracy: 2K + resolution with high color accuracy, displaying 1.07 billion colors

A good screen is inseparable from the true and accurate visual effect. OnePlus brings 2K + super clear resolution for 120Hz screen and clear display effect for users. At the same time, the 120Hz screen can achieve 10it color display effect, and can display up to 1.07 billion colors. In terms of the number of displayed colors, it is 64 times of the screen of high-end mobile phone products such as iPhone 11 Pro max, OnePlus 7 Pro, etc., with delicate and accurate color display.

Such a delicate and colorful screen requires more accurate color restoration. Generally speaking, the color standard is measured by jncd (just noticeable color difference). Jncd reflects the color offset degree. The smaller the value of jncd, the more accurate the color display. In the industry, jncd < 2 is a recognized industry standard, and the test data of iPhone 11 Pro Max in displaymate, an authoritative screen testing agency, is jncd < 0.9. In this addition, the color standard is controlled at jncd < 0.8, and a precise color standard detector is added on the production line to calibrate the color standard of all mobile phone products, so that each 120Hz screen will reach or even surpass the color standard.

Comfort: 4096 level automatic brightness dimming, 4 times more delicate than before

In order to pursue a comfortable 120Hz screen experience, OnePlus has carried out a number of optimizations for different use needs in different scenes, making the screen automatically adjust brightness and color temperature more intelligent. In addition, the brightness sensor with higher light sensitivity is adopted, and the level of automatic brightness dimming is increased to 4096, which is 4 times of the brightness dimming level of the ordinary flagship mobile screen. When the screen brightness changes, it is softer and more natural. At the same time, the ambient light sensor will adjust the screen temperature and cool according to the real-time environmental color temperature information, and bring the user a comfortable feeling in the complex light environment.

In addition to the screen itself will bring better experience, Yijia product manager also said on site that in the future, Yijia will cooperate with more video and game platforms, bring more content related to screen ecology, promote the industry’s overall development from high frame products to high frame ecology, and bring consumers a better and more comprehensive user experience.