You can buy a new reno4 machine for 8 yuan. The first O powder festival will keep you enjoying the benefits

This summer, in order to give back to the senior users of oppo mobile phones, the first O powder Festival has opened. The oppo reno4 series is an important protagonist of the o powder Festival. During the o powder Festival, three super flash girls, Liu Yuxin, Yu Shuxin and Zhao Xiaotang, joined hands with oppo to bring waves of welfare to everyone.

The most attractive welfare of the o powder Festival is that 8 yuan can replace the oppo reno4 new machine. As the theme song of “super flash summer” sings, oppo reno4 series has super flash appearance and 65W super flash charging, which will not disappoint you.

Oppo reno4 series has a variety of color matching, such as dream black, titanium blank, crystal diamond blue, crystal diamond red, each color is very beautiful and full of texture. The body is made of Reno Glow crystal diamond technology, which makes the whole mobile phone look like galaxy shining texture, and it is more wear-resistant and less easy to leave fingerprints.

In addition, oppo reno4 series cable is equipped with 65W super flash charging, which is the fastest charging power in commercial use. It can charge 60% of the power in 15 minutes and the mobile phone can be fully charged in 36 minutes. In addition, it also has a 4000mAh battery and supports super power saving mode, so you can leave the electricity shortage when you go out. At the same time, the oppo reno4 series also has 48 million main cameras, and with the super night view video function, the reno4 series has a better performance in night shot anti shake.

In addition to the $8.8 exchange activity, there are more discount activities, such as the highest 1100 yuan (USD $157) for the old, 50% discount, points for cash, etc. you are invited to participate. At the same time, from August 3 to August 8, any old oppo user who purchases reno4 Pro can get a one-year broken screen saver worth 249 yuan (USD $36) for free. Go to the store to buy it~