You can meet your family even without going home. OPPO smart TV and watch cross-screen chat

As the Spring Festival approaches, due to the prevention and control of the epidemic, all localities have advocated “Chinese New Year in situ” this year, so that relatives who are far away in their new homes may not be able to see them, and they may miss them more because of the distance. The family always cares about the children, and the children miss grandma’s company. Recently, a 6-year-old cute baby from a new family in Hangzhou, hand-painted instructions to teach grandma video chat popular on the Internet. According to various media reports, the cute baby “Quickly” is separated from her grandmother, and the kindergarten requires that she cannot leave Hangzhou. The two hadn’t seen each other for a long time, but they quickly discovered that the TV at home could chat with the children’s watch. So they hand-painted an “instruction” to teach grandma how to operate it. It looked really heartwarming.

This news also caused a heated discussion among netizens. Netizens were all praising the little girl’s heart-warming behavior. At the same time, they also expressed high recognition for the ability of domestic smart TVs to realize cross-screen chat with watches.

I went to watch the video and found that this TV that allows Kuaikuai to make video calls with grandma is the new smart TV R1 previously launched by OPPO. It is also the first smart home appliance connected to the Xiaotiancai smartwatch.

In the current environment, OPPO Smart TV R1 is linked with Xiaotiancai Watch, allowing relatives in two places to make video calls anytime, anywhere. Not only is it to get closer, but it also makes it easier to communicate with each other. Satisfying the careful wishes of parents and elders to see their children also allows us to truly feel the new warmth brought by domestic technological progress.

Research has found that users have a great rigid need for the interconnection of smart products. Smart TV products as home appliances entertainment centers should be one of the biggest highlights of the development of this function. At present, only OPPO smart TVs are exclusively developed to interoperate with Xiaotiancai watches, and the linkage with other mobile phones, watches, headphones and other products is also very good. For example, when you want to use a mobile phone to cast a screen, if it is an OPPO mobile phone and the remote control of the TV with a light touch (NFC), the screen of the mobile phone can be projected on the TV screen, which is very convenient. There are also screen projection, small window projection and four-way projection, etc. You can choose the projection method you need according to different needs.

Like Hangzhou Smart Home, when using WeChat video calls, you can directly switch on the OPPO Smart TV R1, directly call the camera, microphone, etc. on the TV, and transfer the video call to the TV. For OPPO Watch, it can also be linked with OPPO Smart TV R1, but the watch can only be used as a TV remote control to adjust basic functions such as TV channels and volume. Interestingly, the smart watch detects that we are sleeping, and the watch automatically controls the TV screen.

I would like to recommend it to everyone, OPPO Smart TV R1 also supports seamless connection of headphones, using OPPO Enco X to truly connect to the TV, you can transfer audio from the TV speakers to the wireless headphones. With the in-ear detection of OPPO Enco X, it can also be used to play and stop when taken off. It is recommended for the big boys who don’t want to disturb their family members while watching a football game late at night or watching a movie.

In addition to smart linkage with small geniuses, mobile phones, smart watches, earphones and other products, OPPO Smart TV R1 as a TV, its screen, sound effects and other aspects are also very good, of course, there are better S1 TVs. consider. Speaking of OPPO Smart TV R1 is equipped with a 4K resolution ultra-high-definition screen, the visible screen accounted for 98%, covering 93% of the P3 wide color gamut, supporting 1 billion color display, supporting Dolby HDR, and 2*10W high power Speakers and Dolby sound effects, whether watching TV or playing games, can create an immersive audio-visual experience for the family.

As a smart TV, OPPO Smart TV R1 with its excellent hardware configuration brings a new stream of watching and warm experience to the family; and in terms of “intelligent” video calls, OPPO Smart TV R1 makes us ordinary The family feels the technological temperature that every family can experience, and through the interconnection with independent terminal products such as mobile phones and Xiaotiancai watches, it makes life more moving and brings loved ones a warm and loving experience.