You want to keep your home clean, but you have to clean it? Stone sweeper T7 to help you

In recent years, with the improvement of living conditions, people have gradually begun to care about the “invisible” pollutants: ups and downs, bacteria, etc. The best way to solve them is to clean them frequently and not to leave rubbish in the room for a long time. But after a day’s work, I believe that many office workers don’t have the mood and physical strength to clean the house after they get home. At this time, a sweeping robot can be your right-hand assistant.

The T7 series of chip sweeper robot of stone is such a product. It not only has the maximum suction force of 2500pa, but also adopts the design of dynamic speed regulating side brush and floating main brush, which can effectively clean the dust in the dead corner of the room.

The series is equipped with RR Mason & Trade; 7.0 & nbsp; algorithm system, which can schedule many sensors on the fuselage to sense and build house map, so that the sweeping robot can realize no collision and missing sweeping when working, which is more accurate and time-saving. It also supports virtual wall, selected area cleaning, voice command and other operations. When you want to sweep it, you can send commands on the mobile app or smart speaker. This is also a major target of smart home, with novel functions and convenient and fast.

If your home floor is more complex, or you have pets, the stone sweeper T7 Pro is a better choice for you. Because it adds the function of AI binocular obstacle avoidance, that is, with the built-in 5-megapixel binocular camera, it can record the three-dimensional information and distance information of things seen, and build 3D modeling and analyze the recorded items, including shoes, toys, thread groups and pets, which can be avoided actively.

In order to better realize this function, T7 Pro has built-in high pass snapdragon & nbsp; apq8053 processor and a newly upgraded AI binocular obstacle avoidance RR Mason 7.0 3D algorithm system. The performance of this chip is the same as that of the high pass snapdragon 625. This chip enables the stone sweeping robot to process the collected data more effectively and become more advanced and intelligent.

The stone sweeping robot T7 has a single cleaning area of 250 square meters. With its built-in 297 ml water tank, it can also realize 250 square meters wet towing, which can fully meet the needs of multi family families. The wet drag function can effectively reduce dust accumulation, thus reducing indoor bacteria breeding.

So if you want to reduce the ups and downs and bacteria in your home, so as to protect the health of family members, but you are busy with your work and have no time to clean it by yourself, the T7 series of stone sweeping robots is definitely a good helper for your health.