Zhang Jialiang JEFF Weibo broke the news: OPPO commercial 40W wireless charging this year

Today, Zhang Jialiang, chief scientist of OPPO VOOC flash charging, JEFF broke the news on Weibo. OPPO's 40W wireless charging will be commercially available this year. The time of the news is just in the warm-up period of Reno Ace2, so some netizens speculated that Reno Ace2 may start with 40W wireless charging.

Earlier OPPO Shen Yiren revealed on Weibo that Reno Ace2 will be released in April and will have a light body. According to previous speculations, Reno Ace2 may achieve weight reduction by canceling the wireless charging function. If the 40W wireless charging that broke out was first launched on Reno Ace2, Reno Ace2 can support wireless charging while ensuring a thin and light body, which belongs to a considerable Big surprise.

From the perspective of specifications, 40W wireless charging is even faster than many wired fast charging, which can greatly shorten the charging time and improve the practicality of wireless charging. If Reno Ace2 can be equipped with 40W wireless charging, the actual wireless charging performance is very worth looking forward to.

Reno Ace2 real machine picture previously exposed ↑

In other respects, according to exposure information, Reno Ace2 will adopt Oreo design, which will become more mainstream this year. Or equipped with a rear four-camera combination, the main camera may be the Sony IMX586 sensor, this user-accepted sensor can meet the daily photography needs of most users.

In terms of screens, considering battery life and 90Hz content ecology, Reno Ace2 is likely to continue to use screens with a refresh rate of 90Hz. The processor part may use the mainstream Snapdragon 865 flagship processor, which supports dual-mode 5G, and continues its powerful performance positioning.

Although Reno Ace2 has not yet determined whether it will launch 40W wireless charging, but Reno Ace2 will still be very powerful in configuration. For more information, please follow our follow-up reports.