Zhang Youhao still has a strong sense of CP with Zhou, vivo S7 shoots super beautiful Tanabata blockbuster

The annual Tanabata Festival is coming again. What good choices are there for the Tanabata gift for the other half of your heart? The just-released digital product vivo S7 is a good representative. Vivo S7 cooperated with the fashion group to launch two sets of celebrity CP fashion blockbusters on Qixi Festival, including Zhang Youhao and Zhou Dian, Wang Ruichang and Li Jiaqi. Interested friends can go to Weibo tomorrow to see the style.

Today, the Fashion Group has released a pre-heating Weibo, and the sweet and greasy atmosphere of Valentine’s Day is coming. But do you know? The following group of photos was actually completed with vivo’s new generation of slim and light selfie flagship vivo S7. What is more surprising is that it was taken with the front camera. The powerful selfie function of vivo S7 can be seen. There is no hidden in this group of samples. Few eggs, have you found it?

( 44 million ultra clear )

( 44 million ultra clear )

Easter egg 1: 44 million front main camera, Selfie clearer

In these two pictures, you can see that the clarity presented is very high, the details of the characters in the pictures are very delicate, from the hair to the corners of the mouth, from the eyes to the facial features, rich and vivid, and the characters are full of three-dimensional impression. , To show their beauty to the fullest. And this benefited from the vivo S7’s 44-megapixel main camera, which makes every bit of the picture clear, even after zooming in and cropping.

Excellent full marks in detail and HDR effect. Even the small details of the eyes will not be blurred, and with the exclusive beauty, strengthen the texture of the skin. Especially in the face of a large light ratio environment, it can also solve the biggest heart disease of mobile phone photography: the face is dead black and the background highlights are overexposed.

Easter egg 2: PDAF autofocus, clear distance and near

Not only a high-pixel front camera, the vivo S7 also uses PDAF phase detection autofocus technology, which can help the phone to focus easily as close as 15cm, making selfies more flexible, and the makeup details of eyelashes and eyeliner can be presented. The FF fixed-focus distance of most vivo phones is 35cm-40cm, and the focus cannot be performed at a distance less than 35cm.

( PDAF phase autofocus )

The PDAF technology adopted by the vivo S7 easily solves this problem. The selfie is closer and the relationship is closer. For couples who like to take selfies, vivo S7 can be regarded as a show of love artifact.

( Double exposure )

Easter Egg Three: Double Exposure, Trendy New Gameplay

In addition to the ultra-high configuration on the hardware, the vivo S7 also provides a novel and trendy gameplay-double exposure to meet the diverse needs of young people for selfies, especially suitable for sweet photos of two lovers in the same frame on Chinese Valentine’s Day. These two pictures reflect the double exposure function of the vivo S7, and the characters on the screen are virtual and real, and the artistic conception is rich.

Vivo S7 has added a “double exposure” mode in the portrait interface, which can simultaneously open the front and rear two main cameras for shooting; you can also shoot first and then superimpose to achieve artistic effects that can only be shot in the studio.

( Ultra wide-angle deputy photo )

In addition to these three easter eggs, it is not difficult to find that the pictures in the proofs are much larger than ordinary selfies. The 105° super wide-angle sub-photograph of the vivo S7 has contributed to this. 8 million pixels 105˚ ultra-wide-angle lens, self-portrait viewing range is twice the ordinary 78° lens. The unique perspective effect of the wide-angle lens will stretch the portrait to the four corners within a certain range, making it easy to shoot small faces. The dual-camera solution with a 44-megapixel main camera and an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle secondary camera can provide a more natural, realistic and accurate layered effect and portrait presentation compared to the traditional single-camera algorithm blur, highlighting the focus of the picture Characters, easily reflect your beauty.

Unexpectedly, the mobile phone also has such a strong selfie function. Are you still worried about the Tanabata gift? If you also want to shoot a beautiful couple fashion blockbuster, you might as well consider the vivo S7 fashion item!