Zhengzhou's new smart bus begins operation: features driverless and voice control

News on January 19 Today, Zhengzhou's first batch of 15 smart buses has officially started operation, and it is said that the buses have automatic driving and voice control functions.

Zhengzhou bus company staff said that this latest intelligent and environmentally friendly bus is relatively advanced, and the compartments and external facilities are controlled by a central microcomputer. It can be seen that there are radar sensors on the front and left and right sides of the smart bus. The introduction said that it is a device for autonomous driving. The bus will automatically decelerate and stop automatically within a certain distance.

The first batch of 15 smart buses are now in operation. They are more environmentally friendly, more comfortable, and safer than the cars of the past.

The driver of Zhengzhou Public Transport Company said that the bus workbench was a simpler workbench in the past, and now the workbench is more intelligent, for example, it can be operated by voice; for example, the driver can press the button on the screen , Say "turn on the air conditioner", the bus can automatically identify and turn on the air conditioner.