Zhou Hongyi said that Musk, who had broken the Tesla server and ate together, ignored him after listening to it.

Tesla is currently one of the leading brands in the electric vehicle industry, and Xiaomi’s chairman Lei Jun and 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi, who announced the construction of the car this year, have had intersections with Musk.

On July 2nd, when sharing the concept of car-making in the 360 Building, Zhou Hongyi also shared an interesting story with Musk.

When Zhou Hongyi broke the news that he and Musk had a meal, he bluntly stated that 360 had breached a Tesla car.

Musk did not avoid the topic, instead he talked about "Tesla is not using Linux, so the vulnerabilities of Linux are not effective, and there is no AppStore in the car, so software cannot be installed randomly. It is a closed, isolated and A very secure system, you will never be able to break it."

Zhou Hongyi was clearly prepared, and then added, "I said, what if we break into your car factory's server? Through remote OTA, we have tried this method in many cars, and it is unsatisfactory."

Unexpectedly, after speaking, Musk would ignore him.

Zhou Hongyi interpreted that he thought he was talking about Musk's weakness. Zhou Hongyi now points out that in fact, any car factory has weaknesses, and everyone needs to face this problem squarely.