Zimi's new mobile power bank is released, and the capacity and power are further improved

In August last year, Zimi released the Zimi No. 10 mobile power Pro, with a battery capacity of up to 20000mAh and a power of up to 65W, which can provide sufficient charging speed and power for mobile phones or laptops.

Today, Zimi held an annual new product launch conference and officially released the Zimi No. 20 mobile power supply, priced at 399 yuan (USD $57) .

The Zimi No. 20 mobile power bank has a built-in 25000mAh large capacity, supports boarding, and can charge iPhone SE eight times, or charge Macbook Pro 1.3 times.

(Source: Fast Technology)

In addition, the USB interface of the Zimi No. 20 mobile power supply supports 120W power output. The other two Type-C interfaces support 100W power and the other supports 45W power, which can charge most of the notebooks on the market that support Type-C interface charging.

In addition, the Zimi No. 20 mobile power supply also supports 65W self-charging, which can fully charge the entire power bank within 2 hours.