ZTE announces its first under-screen camera phone

Today, Ni Fei, President of ZTE’s Terminal Business Unit, released a Weibo poster, announcing ZTE’s first off-screen camera phone, and the official Weibo of ZTE’s mobile phone is also forwarded synchronously. The suffix of the Weibo shows that the model is ZTE’s A20 5G off-screen camera.

In the poster, I am the real Erlangshen, which may imply that the camera under the screen will turn off the camera area display function when in use, so that the camera can complete the shooting.

Combined with the previous official announcement of ZTE mobile phone: ” Don’t ask me what I sent on Monday, can’t just wait for me to say “, the phone may be released on August 17.

According to previous exposure news, Visionox announced the first mass-produced commercial under-screen camera solution, which uses new transparent OLED devices, new drive circuits and pixel structures, and high-transparency new materials. Through the optimization of special pixel arrangement, the brightness difference, color gamut difference and viewing angle difference between the transparent secondary screen and the main screen are eliminated, and batch delivery has been realized. ZTE may adopt Visionox’s solution for this model.