ZTE AXON 11 5G video shooting tool for 5G era released

On March 23, ZTE held an online AR conference and officially released ZTE ’s first 5G video phone, ZTE Tianji Axon 11. With advanced 5G speed performance, thin and beautiful appearance, and comprehensive video shooting and editing functions , For the vast number of consumers to meet the ultra-high-speed, ultra-high-definition 5G era and add new tools.

Xu Feng, President of ZTE's Terminal Division, said: "5G networks have created demand for large and high-definition videos. At the same time, the transmission, storage, and interaction of high-definition, large-video and related applications have put forward higher requirements and challenges for network communications. This year is the 35th anniversary of the establishment of ZTE. ZTE has accumulated a lot in the communications field and will continue to innovate in the future. ZTE terminals will also continue to invest in video algorithms. In the future, they will focus on two major directions: communication capabilities and video algorithms. Make efforts to provide consumers with 5G products. "

HD Almighty Video Shooting + Editing, Be Your Own Director

Video in the 5G era is the first. In 2019, the number of short video users in China is growing rapidly. Whether it is a professional video blogger or a junior video user, the demand for image stabilization is greater when shooting video, especially when shooting moving objects and zooming. obvious.

ZTE Axon 11 supports 4K 60-frame ultra-high-definition video professional shooting, adopts the main camera + ultra-wide-angle dual image stabilization solution, and deeply integrates AI technology. The 64 million ultra-high-definition main camera can accurately sense the direction and amplitude of the jitter and intelligently correct it. Coupled with the 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens's intelligent anti-shake, it is enough to adapt to various shake situations, while also increasing the viewing area and providing 120-degree ultra-wide-angle anti-aliasing. In terms of depth of field and macro shooting, ZTE Axon 11 also adapts to the best image quality. Professional depth of field lens can lock the subject at any time to create a background blur effect. The 2 million pixel macro lens supports 4CM macro photography. Enter a clearer micro world.

Not only that, ZTE Axon 11 also provides video editing functions, more than 10 kinds of transition effects, multi-video stitching and filters, soundtracks, even video novices can easily create professional-level videos, so that everyone can live a life Director. With the high bandwidth and high speed of the 5G era, hundreds of megabytes of 4K high-definition video can be uploaded without compression, allowing users to record, present and share a beautiful life anytime, anywhere.

At the press conference, well-known actor Sun Yizhou, as the ZTE mobile 5G pioneer experience officer, shared his experience with ZTE Tianji Axon 11 and the short film "Sunrise" created using ZTE Tianji Axon 11, with clear imaging, broad The field of view and the stable picture illustrate ZTE's Axon 11 video shooting capabilities.

Fluid aesthetics + flexible curved screen, slim and simple

In terms of appearance, ZTE Axon 11 maintains the flagship's thinness and high appearance as usual. Its screen uses a 6.47-inch flexible curved screen, 3D curved glass, and an ultra-narrow bezel design to achieve a 92% ultra-high screen ratio and visual perception. Excellent. The side of the fuselage adopts a unique skateboard-shaped design, and the top and bottom use G3 level curves, making the overall body 360-degree integration, and has a better horizontal screen grip. The extremely slim body design makes the ZTE Axon 11 only 7.9mm thick, which is currently the lightest 5G mobile phone on the market and weighs only 168g.

5G + Wifi dual connection, advanced speed

ZTE Axon 11 is equipped with Qualcomm's 5G integrated chip Snapdragon ™ 765G processor, which fully supports SA / NSA dual-mode 5G networks, covering 5G full-band, full Netcom, allowing mobile phones to achieve Wi-Fi and cellular networks (4G / 5G) Multi-channel concurrency, not only can easily deal with complex signal environments, the speed is superimposed, and the network speed will be further increased. Together with ZTE's intelligent network acceleration technology, it can achieve seamless switching from Wi-Fi to data networks, and optimize network cutting speed by 50%, which brings fast mobile HD live switching, high-speed video without stuttering, and online games without dropping speed. Have fun.

ZTE Axon 11 is equipped with a built-in self-developed next-generation all-scenario AI engine Z-Booster2.0. It intelligently allocates system resources through AI algorithms, and accelerates and optimizes the dimensions that affect user experience such as APP startup, system operation, and network switching. The intelligent power supply adjustment scheme deeply combines user usage habits and APP operation status for intelligent management and control, which improves mobile phone battery life by 35% and meets users' needs for fast, fast, and long battery life in the 5G era.

ZTE Tianji Axon 11 has already opened appointments on platforms such as ZTE Mobile Mall (www.myzte.com), Jingdong Mall (zte.jd.com), and Tmall Mall (zte.tmall.com) on March 23, and will continue to Available at offline stores of major operators.