ZTE establishes a smart car electronic product line with similar goals and visions as Huawei

Webmaster’s Home (ChinaZ.com) News on March 3: According to Tencent’s first-line sources quoted by people familiar with the matter, ZTE internally issued a document to establish an automotive electronics product line that is responsible for unified business planning and operation in the automotive electronics field. The document shows that ZTE’s “car building” is quite similar to Huawei’s goal and vision, to be a Tier 1 supplier of automobiles and to empower traditional car companies. ZTE New Fulcrum combines its own technological accumulation in the operating system to create operating system solutions in the field of smart cars, so that partners’ cars are easy to build and consumers’ cars are easy to drive.

Specifically, the main responsibilities of ZTE’s automotive electronics product line include the overall planning of automotive electronics solutions and the enhancement of automotive electronics products; responsible for automotive electronics market planning, business model research, project planning, promotion and implementation; responsible for expanding automotive electronics ecological partners and integration The company’s internal and external resources and capabilities promote strategic cooperation in the field of automotive electronics.


It is understood that in February this year, ZTE disclosed a patent information on “a wireless charging positioning method, device, system, and electric vehicle”. The patent publication number is CN107399241B. The specific content includes that the present invention relates to the field of wireless charging technology, especially Refers to a wireless charging positioning method, device, system and electric vehicle. The wireless charging receiving end is automatically adjusted through the dynamic image information, so that the receiving end can accurately and closely match the transmitting end, improving the charging success rate, and thus improving the user experience.