ZTE official announcement: next week MWC world premiere 3D structured light technology under the screen

@倪飞, President of ZTE’s Terminal Business Unit, announced that ZTE will showcase the “second-generation mass-produced under-screen camera technology” and the world’s first “under-screen 3D structured light technology” at the Shanghai MWC show on February 25.

As early as August last year, ZTE first mass-produced the under-screen camera technology on the AXON A20 5G mobile phone, realizing a true full-screen design without mechanical structure. Although the under-screen camera of this mobile phone can see certain “blemishes” in some scenes, and there is still room for optimization of the shooting effect, it is still the only mobile phone with mass production of this technology so far. ·A milestone step has been taken in the exploration of the full screen.

At present, the 3D structured light technology is mainly promoted by the two giants of Apple and Huawei. Other manufacturers may be too costly and difficult to adapt to the software, and most of them are simple. This time ZTE is able to launch the 3D structured light technology under the screen. , Can be said to be very exciting.